“I just completed the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge and feel blessed that I found this unique, creative and powerful program.  As a coach, I know about the power of gratitude and have completed many gratitude exercises before, but Verna Bowen’s program taught me so much more.  You can’t imagine how many things there are we can be grateful for when we look at things in different ways and tweak our thinking.  I love the beautiful images and quotes Verna shares with us in addition to a profound content that inspires us to contemplate and gets us into a wonderful vibration. Verna also offers ongoing support through her Facebook and Gratitude Community.  Once you start the gratitude journey, amazing things will happen and your life begins to blossom and transform. Don’t wait another day to sign up.”
– Ulrike Berzau, Executive Coach & Consultant, International Bestselling Author

“Verna, you blew me away! I can’t thank you enough. I mean this whole heartedly – I think it was more important for me to meet you in Florida this year than it was for me to meet Wayne Dyer himself! So many people can follow your lead, Verna. Thank you so much!!!”
– Lynette Landing, Keynote Speaker, PA

“Verna is an inspiring coach who helps clients to transform their dreams into objective, measurable goals. She runs the extra mile with each individual who seeks her wisdom, to make sure we all attain what we need in our personal, professional and spiritual growth.”
– Yvonne Gonzalez-Baez, Life Coach, Calgary, AB

Note of thanks from Les Brown, International Motivational Speaker:
“Thank you for your words. May we all increase our empathy, compassion, and love.”

“Verna has been a light in my life. She is truly a gift, and I cannot say how grateful I am that we crossed paths. No matter what may be happening in your life, I say if you are fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to be coached by Verna, then you have been blessed.
Verna, you have made a beautiful impact on me and my life.
Thank you from my heart.” – Rhonda Anderson, Calgary, AB

“Thank you, Verna. You have changed my life!” – Heather W., Calgary, AB

“Verna got me thinking. She opened up my mind & heart to issues in my life that I need to work on to move forward. Having her help me with some goal setting and getting started with journaling was a stepping stone in my journey to find peace & happiness in all aspects of my life!”  – Donna G., Calgary, AB

“Working with Verna was a total pleasure, and yet also challenging (in the best possible way!) When we met over Skype, I was feeling somewhat vulnerable, due to some typically self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings. Verna was warm and open, and she met my energy perfectly. So I easily opened up to what turned out to be some very productive sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a coaching session, so I was delighted when I received a written summary from Verna after each session that showed me that she truly heard me, saw me, and reminded me of everything we had discussed. We went deep, through meditation and challenging exercises, and I came out of my sessions with real and new insight into my motivations and emotions.
I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from working with Verna, and I strongly recommend her as a life coach for anyone who wants to not only ‘get things done’ but also feel accepted and embraced for who you are.”
– Barbara H., Editor, Spokane, WA