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You are the DriverYou are the driver

You are the only one who decides where the car goes, how many back roads you take along the way, the quality of the ride, and how soon you would like to arrive at where you have chosen to go.

So put your favorite tune on, adjust the temperature to your liking, embody relaxed alertness, drive safely, stay hydrated and well-nourished, and don’t be afraid to pass others along the way.

Be courteous, adventurous, gutsy, and wise. Never, ever drive long and hard without breaks. That is a sure-fire way to fall asleep at the wheel … to crash & burn!

Start each day afresh and ready to make it a good ride! You are the driver, and your hands are at the wheel.

Begin with Empowerment

Your are the artistFirst thing in the morning, INTENTIONALLY set into motion the choice to live from LOVE before the cares of the world have a chance to overtake your inner world.

When we choose love, for self and others, in our thoughts, words, and actions, we are empowered to effectively handle whatever comes our way. We experience more miracles too – the sweetest ones!

My Wish for You

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53-Day Biking Challenge

Biking is my meditation time as well as my fitness hour. It’s a space in which to de-clutter thoughts, get acquainted Day 39 - Oct 20with feelings, and align with my divine higher self (God within).

I always come home refreshed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am obsessed and fascinated with divine inspiration! You see, when we allow ourselves to be present with it, there it is … it NEVER leaves us. WE are the ones who tune out. I continuously receive floods of insights and inspirations with each meditative bike ride. I open up. I get intimate with my thoughts, allowing them to be fully heard by my higher self. The “responses” I receive are packed with wisdom and never-ending, life-giving, soul enrichment.

My bike challenges this year started as a means to lose weight. While that is still part of the goal, the rides are no longer a means to an end. They are my energy, my strength, my soul time, and my joy. Life is best lived IN THE MOMENT, otherwise we lose the spirit of the journey.

Taking time for self care on all levels is key to personal freedom and inspiration for self and others. Biking is the thing that does it for me. What’s yours? What practice do you have that lifts you up, grounds you, and brings inspiration to your soul?

One Small Light

candle-1085531_1280An inspiration that came out of the blue about the power of a tiny light …

Lately it gets dark (or is already dark) when I go for for my bike rides, so I have a little head light on my forehead. The other night I was biking around a school basketball court, and for some reason the light on the school was not working, so the court was really dark! I felt a little scared, but then I realized that I could shine my light where ever I wanted, and any dark spot would not be dark anymore.”
Please allow that inspiration to speak to you however it needs to today.

Abundance – an Attitude

“What I want for myself, I want for everybody.”I choose to live FULLY
– Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

There is pure genius in tapping into this attitude of abundance.

That’s what it is – an attitude of abundance!

My Grandmother told us story after story about her father, my Great Grandfather, Joseph Crewe – how he was constantly giving, helping, and healing others … and she always summed it up with his wisdom – that we are never in want as long as we are helping others from a free heart, never counting the cost.

I shall never forget her words, “And he was right … because HE was never in want!”

Grandmother called her father a healer, a doctor, a preacher, and a wise man. Life blessed her in that her golden years were filled with memories of him, while the rougher experiences in her life got left by the wayside.


Live BIG

Live wholeheartedly

Live with passion

Live from love, joy, assurance, and magnificence.

“Make your life SPECTACULAR” – Robin Williams

(p.s. if you haven’t already, go ahead and grab my gift to you, a one-page PDF, “Capsize Mediocrity, UPSIZE Your Life!” –  This free report is my way of  “wanting for you what I want for myself.”

There is no “you” or “me.”15027964_1424120414284520_7934348042488667466_n

This notion of separation is a non-evolved understanding.

“We” are unique expressions of one source.

Our physical features differ from each other, as do our thoughts, but we are in constant, streaming download from the one source.

The oneness that binds us all is that which cannot be named, yet it is everywhere. My consciousness in this moment is also yours.

You might be driving, or showering, or eating, or sleeping, or studying, while I am typing … but we are each doing the same thing; we are receiving and giving back. Breaths in and out; thoughts in, words and actions out. (And even when we don’t speak we are still radiating our thoughts).

The only other uniqueness of divine expression is our choices, but even then, what causes this individual choosing? Is there a bigger purpose for that choosing that supersedes our understanding?

Either way, love is the common thread. We all desire love and to be loved, because love continues the flow of endless creation.

Here is the link to download your free one-page PDF, “Capsize Mediocrity, UPSIZE Your Life! – The Five Principles”


Stay tuned. More inspiration to come … 🙂