I’m Sorry, It’s Cancer – What?

Nobody can birth creativity into the world without feeling the pull from their own heart and spirit. 

I had been suggesting to my friend, Wanda, that she write about cancer. “I see this as your greatest light to the world,” I kept telling her, as we sipped on a hot beverage at Starbucks or chatted on the phone in endless conversations on life vision, mission, and miracles.

When someone survives cancer – twice – it changes them. Wanda’s story was one of deep transformation, and her story had to be told for the sake of elevating the soul of humanity, if not for the solid wisdom and knowledge that could educate millions. But that was MY burning inside – not hers. I learned that we cannot inject into another person our own vision for them, and have them run out and do it, without they, themselves having an equal burning desire and conviction themselves.

Wanda’s triumph over cancer and her in-depth passion for spreading light was something that, to me, was an obvious fine mix bestowed upon her by no accident. Whenever we go through a life-altering experience, whether by health, relationships, finances, or career, it is never a haphazard, uncoordinated event, and certainly not something to be held back from expression. The whole world can benefit from our transformation, and it is our right and responsibility to open up the floodgates to let that happen. However, it is not the job of anyone other than ourselves to heed a call when it is indeed OUR call. It cannot come from someone else. Period.

Cancer is a heavy topic, and I understood why Wanda would not, in her own person, desire to travel back to it and spend hours pouring over the muck and the mire in her precious writing space. Her heart has always bent more towards the lighter side of life – happiness, high-spirited fun, and frolic. She wrote a travel memoir, after all. This is the real Wanda – she never was one to delve into the darkness, despite the obvious gushes of it upon her throughout her lifetime. Writing about cancer certainly wasn’t something she wanted to do for her own self, and especially her own ego, let alone embarking upon the burden of re-visiting the darkness that once threatened her very existence.

So, instead, Wanda began writing her second travel memoir.

Then one day out of the blue my phone rang. “I’m writing a book about cancer!”

I could tell something powerful had just happened. Wanda blurted out that she had awoken with a strong inner conviction that compelled her to do what every fiber of her being had been refusing … to share her cancer journey, along with the knowledge, wisdom, and mountains of research that this demon had instigated in her life.


Still unsure why she was giving into the call towards a potentially dark and emotionally taxing project, she felt she HAD to do it. The purpose felt larger than life itself, and the pull on her soul was greater than any doubt or need to know WHY.


My personal hunch is simply this: THE WORLD NEEDS THIS BOOK, because souls need inspiration.

I am holding in my hands a book that will inspire millions. I know this for sure.

Bravo, Wanda, for heeding the call as it came to you at a divinely appointed moment in time.

And thank you for the laughter, the tears, and all the shared inspiration over these past few years. I am honored to know you

AMAZON World-wide Launch Date: June 28, 2017

More details about the book and Wanda’s greater vision here: www.ImSorryItsCancer.com

Local LIVE launch June 26 (Details at www.ImSorryItsCancer.com)
AMAZON launch June 28

Wanda St. Hilaire, Author


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, It’s Cancer – What?

    1. Life is magical, as we both know. I believe when we share our experiences we create a measure of quenching for the souls of others. May we all use our voice for love, joy, bliss, and inspiration. You have done this with, “I’m Sorry, It’s Cancer.” ♥

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