Election Outcome: The Blog Post I Didn’t Write

Last night marked a momentous time for America, and yes, even for us here in Canada, and to be honest I was upset.

I awoke this morning thinking of the most brilliant, smart-ass way I might speak to current events in a blog post that would also be enlightening and offer hope.



Can smart-ass offer hope?

The jury is still out on that one, but my biggest gut feeling, after I sipped on a decaf coffee, meditated, and talked with  special friends (at my favorite coffee shop and online) was that smart-ass, though highly tempting and even possibly effective, is the smaller part of me – the ego part – that wants to fight from a lower standpoint.

Smart-ass embodies an internal need to be seen as right, and it is not always the best solution or approach.

Here is the truth …

If we are to be REAL light in what we perceive as darkness, we had better listen to our own internal guidance system first. Do we honestly believe that a childish rant is worth sacrificing our greater integrity? If my aim in life is to be TRUE inspiration, and if my values are resolution, liberty, empowerment, profound inner strength, joy, and love, then I need to look again.

cohesion-454881_1920We are all in this together.

Here is what I HAD WRITTEN as a beginning to a blog post, but, ironically, I found myself lost and unable to find words to continue, so I walked away:

“Every national disaster has contributed in some way to positive revolution, so while planet earth hangs in a heavy smog this morning, let us muster the audacity to hope. Let us pick up whatever crumbs are on the floor that might nourish us, and though they might never make loaves of bread, for now let us not discard them with the dust.

I watched the U.S. elections last night while simultaneously immersed in an episode of Criminal Minds on Netflix. Nothing synchronistic about that I’m sure (cough). Some of the sensations I felt as the electoral votes poured in were similar to those felt from the show I was watching – chills, gut-wrenching shock, sadness, and stark realization that we live among depravity, moral weakness, fear, and despair. On the other hand, like those who played the roles of FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit on Criminal Minds, I also felt a deep sense of goodness – the good fight – those who work to enforce light, mercy, goodness, moral ethics, and humanitarianism.

And this is the world we live in. There is darkness and there is light …”smartphone-1445489_1920

You might be thinking that what I wrote is not low, offensive, egoic, or angst-ridden at all.
In fact, you might think it wise and potentially offering light. And you’re right … but I was wrong to write with sarcastic undertones, using phrases like, “national disaster,” and extracting an analogy between the U.S. election outcome and “Criminal Minds.”

I was wrong because I was projecting gloom onto the future of America, whereas what this world really needs is strength of character. If I am to dream of a nation (and nations) that exist as great examples of strength of character, I reflect on the premise from which I, myself, think and speak.

We may or may not be headed for national disaster, but always, and in all ways, there are two choices and a fork in the road. There is always the choice and possibility that things will go bad or good. So, why not give attention, energy, and focus to what is good, strong, positive, possible, and productive for morale in this world. What I say affects you, and vice versa. So, what do we most need to hear and feel from each other?

planet-581239_1280I am not part of a solution if I choose snide, sarcastic, apathetic remarks. I am not part of a solution if I do not view my own attitude as significant. It is up to EACH of us to uphold, support, and hope for strength, peace, harmony, and unity amongst our nations. To be truly mature and enlightened means to see that you and I are part of a solution or a problem.

I sincerely hope and pray that the elected president of the U.S., Donald Trump, will take serious the role for which he was voted to step up to. I pray he will seek to step up indeed, in a much bigger way than he did in his campaigning. I hope that the enormous task ahead of him will cause an awakening within him that will, as he alluded to in his victory speech, move him towards unity and peaceful relations with all nations. It’s possible. It’s possible, no matter what words he may have spoken during his campaign trail that said otherwise.

The lowest energy I will allow myself to add to this blog post: I hope the presidency of a nation will jolt Mr. Trump canada-159585_1280towards personal growth. I hope he will grow up … and meet the real challenge that is before him.

What is done is done now, so let us move on, move forward, and do our part to add to light in this world.

From Canada to you, wishing you nothing but the best, my southern neighbors.

Bless America. Bless us all.

signature (P.S. while you’re here and in an enlightenment type of mood, check out my program, “Capsize Mediocrity, UPSIZE Your Life!” … and kindly pass it on to anyone who might benefit)

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