Gratitude, Grace, and Pressing On

IMG_7086cI felt a knot in the pit of my stomach as I walked past the Christmas tree this evening, New Year’s Eve, 2015.
It wasn’t a bad sensation, but more like an awakening of sorts – the anticipation of a new year about to begin, and the the stark realization that I am walking straight into the unknown. When we make choices based on faith and inner knowing, we don’t always have to know the details of how things will transpire; we just know we are making the right decision. Whether it is a career, business or personal relationship, times of transition can be both precarious and exciting at the same time. Walking by faith always trumps walking by sight. When we allow the heart to lead, the mind succumbs and is typically led in the right direction.

IMG_7033 (2)As I leave behind an old year and a phase of life, I am grateful beyond what I can express with words. This past year I was supported and loved by great souls. I want to acknowledge my current partner, Doug, more than anyone right now. My admiration and gratitude for him will continue forever, no matter where our paths might lead. He is a rock in my life and an incredible listening ear. Bless you, Doug, for your steady friendship and caring through interesting times.

IMG_7034 (3)I reflect on my son, Michael, who, despite some challenges in his own life, never ceases to express his appreciation for my presence. He too was a pillar in my life this year in several ways. His sense of humor is a special gift that often gives a perfect twist of perception at just the right time. Thank you, Michael, for being strongly and uniquely YOU.

In January I started a private Facebook group for coaches and healers for the purpose of support and collaboration for our missions, visions, and goals. The group is called, “H.E.A.L. – Holistic Entrepreneurs And Lightworkers.” We started with 16 members, and the intention was to keep the group relatively small in order to create and sustain a safe space for sharing and support. The embodiment of a positive collective consciousness was one of the main aims for the group. We now have 85 members that I feel proud to call colleagues. The heart of our connection and collaboration is inspiration, light, and expansive co-creation of our services in the world and to each other. HEAL-JoinFBGroupAnd, of course, we share fun, wit, and humor as well.

Our News: H.E.A.L. is in the process of launching our first virtual world summit from March 6 – 12, 2016! We have sixteen professional holistic practitioners who will teach, inspire, and present at the summit, so we will be bringing you 2 – 3 presentations per day! Free registration gets you unlimited viewing of each one for 24 hours, PLUS a chance to interact with the practitioners … as well as access to all kinds of goodies and gifts! On the last day we will host an online LIVE Q&A, so it will be a time where our audience can call in for free to talk with one or several of our professionals for inspiration, tips, and insights. (Summit website will be up very soon! Registration will be open shortly thereafter. We are also launching a Facebook Page, so you will be able to keep up to date on all summit information, as well as learning about our presenters BEFORE the summit).

Life is full, and as I reflect on 2015 I am in awe of how I came to be so blessed. I have developed friendships that in the past I only dreamed of. Here is what I understand about how such things work: As we grow more and more into who we truly are at the core, and as we carry out our true vocation and purpose for being here, we automatically find and attract souls who resonate with us on a deep level.

tea-1105113_1280For most of our lives we wander through various processes of finding our way. We meet people by way of employment, social activities, college, and through family and other friends. Our truth unravels more and more about what we value, what matters to us, and the details of our personal love language (the way we feel loved, as unique individuals). I have friendships from long ago that will always be a special part of my life, and even though some of those were formed at a time when I had very little figured out in my life, we share a common bond – the bond of having grown through life together, even if we now walk different pathways. Each friendship has its own rich flavor and quality of connection, and for all of mine I am blessed.

To find one’s true tribe is an extra special gift; to connect with people on shared core beliefs, Happy child on a jungle gymvalues, lifestyle, and vision – there is nothing quite like it. I can only suspect it is similar to finding a one true love. Something within is satisfied – a thirst quenched – the gift of being truly seen, heard, known, understood, accepted, and appreciated. Such things are key components of real wealth and abundance, and so at times I honestly feel like the richest person on earth. I am given gifts that cannot be stolen, lost, forsaken, or expended. They remain forever, even after physical life is over, I believe.

So I thank you, my tribe, for your incredible presence in my life. You have made my year special through our conversations, laughter, personal sharing, inspiration, and encouragement. Your brilliance, heart and talent for your work is enriching, and I feel I have made friends for life.

6818852_mTo my family that I was given by way of birth, thank you for your presence and essence. We are eight siblings, 25 nephews/nieces, 23 great nephews/nieces, and 2 great-great nieces – a large family that knows acceptance beyond any personality differences. We have all worked hard to maintain what our parents nurtured in us – the necessity that we love one another no matter what. For that I am grateful. For each of you I am blessed. There is, perhaps, something about being the youngest of eight siblings that offered me a unique advantage of looking up through the family lineage, beginning with closest family connections – my siblings – that assisted me in finding my own way. We don’t have to be in each other’s lives much in order to know the bond of love. It is simply there. I feel it, and it is something I sincerely value.

My prayer for each of us as we move into 2016 is that we can have inner peace that brings calm, even in illness and grief. 10382402_sNurture within yourself a bold acceptance of life with all its twists of fate. Don’t regret. Regret, like worry, is a slow drip that erodes the spirit until we no longer feel the joy of living. It is pointless. Decide wholeheartedly that you will fully LIVE in 2016; that you will love more freely, forgive more readily, and let go of any need to control situations, people, and life itself. Make plans. Dream. Set goals and intentions. But at the end of the day, as Ralph Waldo Emerson so eloquently put it, “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

One more thing – never be afraid or ashamed to let someone know you appreciate, like, or even love them. Dare to be vulnerable in that regard. People appreciate it. Be the one who expresses feeling without fear of what someone might think. Love yourself enough to be courageous, loving, gentle, strong, and uniquely YOU. It is your privilege, your right, and your responsibility to yourself and the world.

With deep gratitude for all, Happy 2016!

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