The Brilliance of being MADLY IN LOVE

When we are truly in love with our life mission, there is no such a thing as hard selling. I would even go as far as to say there are also no extreme marketing efforts required at all.

If you are selling amazing “gizmos” that you absolutely love and believe others will love, I’ll bet you will have to work Inspiration-2fast in order to catch up with the market demand for your product.

If you are offering life-altering services in healing, consulting, or coaching that you know for a fact will work for anyone who does the required exercises, you will have to be diligent about scheduling “time-outs” so that you can rejuvenate between your line-up of appointments. You will never be broke, stressed, or unfulfilled.

The secret? To be so madly in love with what you do that your work and you, together, create enough positive energy to light up everyone around you.

The downfall? Most people are NOT madly in love with what they do. Most people LIKE what they offer in their business, some LOVE what they offer, but very few are madly in love, passionate, and sold out for what they do.

Most people eventually, if not right from the start, see their business as a way to make money. Period. And with that mindset comes fear of not making ENOUGH money, fear of competition, fear of self-inadequacies, and simply a loss of zest and energy.

z - Be so bursting with lifeIt is similar to a dying marriage. We either find ways to fall in love all over again or we let it fade away and eat away at us like a slow drip.

If the business (or the marriage) was a mistake right from the start, then it IS most likely destined to fade. But these situations are not the ones I am referring to. I am talking about the inspired business idea that will work if you allow yourself to be fully engaged in it.

I am talking about the idea that came to you in one of the following forms:

– you had the vision and fire for it since you were very little, and it has never let you go. It has always lived in the back of your mind, waiting for a breath of fresh air.

– people see it as your natural gift, and you have been told over and over that you are amazing at it; and you, therefore begin to see it as your life purpose because it is something you do well AND it gives you and others joy.

– you discover it yourself from seeing a need in the workplace or in society that you know you can solve; and you feel passion for doing something about it. (This can be a product or service). z - Happiness is contagious

– you go through various life experiences, often trauma or some other kind of turmoil or pain, and you learn that you are more resilient that you knew; you find ways to rise above circumstances; you know you can help others do the same, and you feel passionate about doing it.

– you work so long and hard doing something that is NOT your life calling, and you feel a growing desire to do something that is a far stretch from what you currently work at, and that idea never lets you go. You find yourself spending your leisure hours doing it, researching it, talking about it, spending money on it, and enjoying it.

Do not waste another minute doing something you hate or barely LIKE.

Do not waste another minute on WORRY, if you are following what you know to be your greatest passion. Connect instead to the energy of love – of falling madly in love with what you have to offer. Let the fire spread on its own. Do not hold back.

SHINE ON … and don’t ever stop.

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