A Great Life Coach

“We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? …. Your playing small does not serve the world”

I first read these words by Marianne Williamson some years back, at a time in my life when I was teetering between remaining an employee and becoming self –employed.   I knew in my heart of hearts where my greatest personal satisfaction came from, and yet I doubted my own light and ability to build a career around it.

10382402_sMarianne’s words hit me like gold from heaven that day, and it changed the paradigm from which I had been living my life. I allowed myself to be coached and empowered to align my life with my greatest, heart-felt purpose for being here.

My life began to evolve and expand in a delightful new direction, and I became fascinated with the magnificent power of the coaching process. I decided to observe and study different coaching styles in pursuit of a fuller understanding of this wizardry-like phenomenon called life coaching. What I found intrigued me even more. There were some coaches and coaching modalities that I fully resonated with and some that I felt little or no connection to at all!

I learned that choosing a coach is not unlike choosing a partner. Not every coach can be a great fit for our specific goals, personality and life path; and not everyone can be an ideal client for a particular coach. I was obsessed with identifying what, if any, were the common traits that DO make the difference between a life coach and great a life coach.   Here is what I found:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The basic work of a life coach offers common benefits to their clients:

  • It helps them navigate towards their own inherent, untapped truth and answers.
  • It imparts light and clarity into otherwise puzzling situations and circumstances.
  • It assists them in giving life to their own authentic brilliance, talent, and ideas.
  • It enthusiastically holds them accountable to their dreams for the sake of moving towards a life that feels more fulfilling and purposeful.

A great life coach will do all that, and more. What sets them apart from others in their field is their passion for what The best coachesthey do. Like an obsession, their work is their mission – ever expanding, overflowing, and abundantly at work 24/7. They live for their work instead of working for a living. Their commitment to their clients includes an enthusiastic dose of extra icing on the cake because they enjoy serving a notch above what is expected of them. Their work is their calling.

Dave Ellis, Leadership Development Coach, www.daveellisleadership.com, is a pure example. When I first began exercising my coaching muscle, I discovered several of Dave’s incredible, client-focused techniques that engage his clients with such personal charisma that the word “technique” is actually too clinical a word to define them.

Dave requests a picture of each of his clients so that each day he can take a moment with each one as if they are physically in front of him when they are not. He thoughtfully and meditatively reflects on the various situations that each individual is working through, and he offers a blessing upon their day. He sends his clients spontaneous texts with pictures and mini videos of things that catch his eye throughout his day that he knows will resonate with them, individually. He is creative in his approach – constantly developing new object lessons, inspirations, and stimulating exercises that cater to the needs of his clientele. He is ever seeking to raise the bar of his effectiveness in caring for those he coaches. His approach is contagious and compelling.

6818852_mYou see, what makes the difference between life coaching and great life coaching is that extra mile.

A GREAT Life Coach:

  • •  Continually shifts their focus away from self-gratification, and places it right back to where their greatest passion lies – in being a light for those they serve.
  • Holds the success of their client at the heart of everything they do in the coaching relationship.
  • Knows that the most meaningful resources they can offer their clients are: their full, authentic presence, a brimming enthusiasm for their success, and an undying belief in their ability to achieve it.
  • Continually seeks to grow, personally and professionally themselves.
  • Intends a coaching relationship to be an enriching bond like no other and understands that a person’s needs for coaching are just as unique as the coaching style of the coach. A great coach will therefore use discernment and confidence in directing a person to another life coach if a connection is not quickly felt and established.

A great life coach lives to coach and coaches others to fully live. They enthusiastically remind you that your playing small does not serve the world.

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