The Morning Night Owl – on Gratitude

I am both a night owl and an early bird.

I LOVE working late into the night when the world is asleep, and there are no demands on my time other than those I invite.

I love it when I awake at 3:30 a.m. and cannot get back to sleep because of something I need to write, meditate on, plan, or design … or there is someone I feel led to connect with.The breezes at dawn

This is my morning gratitude:

  • For friends – new ones I have not yet met in person, as well as those special ones from my past and present. Especially for those who willingly hear and share from the deeper places of our personal lives. There is no greater gift. These past four weeks have been the most amazing, soulful, and life-giving for me because of your love and the connection we share. I am blown away by the fact that we can talk with someone in another country and they know us as if we have always been in each other’s lives. Then there are those magical connections from the past who never really knew us – or us them – but now we suddenly “see” and understand each other. Beyond precious!
  • For my current partner of eleven years. Doug has been a stability factor in my journey. His kind ways are too many to count, and I am blessed for knowing him. In life we connect with someone for a lifetime, for a season or a reason. I can see all the reasons we met, and I am grateful that our futures are open and ready to be embraced now. I will love you forever, no matter what.
  • For the place of solitude where I grew up – one that I often cursed as a child, for its lack of social engagement, but one that allowed me space in which to develop my talents and grow close to nature, to see value in family. It was a place surrounded by forest and ocean, and it was no huge surprise to see a moose, black bear, fox, or lynx – or a dozen stray cats that quite often became part of our family.
  • For parents who knew and lived “perfect imperfection” (stealing that phrase from a dear and wise friend who recently sent me a love song). My parents, by their own lives and ways, showed us eight kids that life is not about perfection, but more about acceptance of what we cannot change and about changing whatever we can – which, in itself, is the real meaning of perfection. I am immensely grateful that they taught us to not keep company with those who will bring us down to a level of existence that squelches our soul; to use our minds and our talents to make our way in the world; to be a friend, and to hold our own in sticky situations – and to run quickly away from anything or anyone that is a danger to our well-being.
  • For the blessing of waking up this morning with a new clean slate – a chance to embrace life head-on, to love, to LAUGH HARD, to give, to receive, to work, to RELAX, to seek the juice, joy, and brilliance of living, and to never stop growing, learning, and applying life’s lessons.Be your best
  • For forgiveness. For the times I have seen my life as a mess but have come full circle to see it all as a process that only “I” could walk – only “I” was ever meant to walk. When we choose to see our lives as a mess, it can only mean one of two things: we are either comparing ourselves to others, OR we are scared because of some conditioned belief system we have adopted from authorities in our growing up years that disallows us to be fully human. By mistakes we grow, and as long as we seek to never hurt ourselves or anyone else, there is no condemnation. This is what I mean by “forgiveness.”
  • For constant reminders from my creator that no matter what happens, I am not alone. I am guided, loved, held dear, and therefore I love to love others and hold them dear as well. Life truly is a circle of giving and receiving – the giving and receiving of unselfish love and affection is the greatest diamond there is to behold.
  • For being led and guided as a life coach to leaders – for the purpose of invigorating them to step up to PASSION and PURPOSE, first in their personal lives, because then they are able to lead in the same manner. There is no greater euphoria for me than to see someone connect to their greatest passion and purpose.

I would love to hear what YOU feel grateful for. What brings you up when you feel down? What is it that makes you smile from the inside out? What is your joy, your PASSION, your PURPOSE? Leave a comment below, or EMAIL me to connect.

In Gratitude,


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