You Don’t Really NEED a Life Coach

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much.”  – Jim Rohn

I am a Life Coach. So, if what I am saying here, that nobody NEEDS a Life Coach, is true, then I am out of business, period.

But, you see, people do need Life Coaches, until they understand that they do not! By now you are either confused or intrigued … so I promise to deliver clarification.

My style of life coaching is personal life vision & enhancement. I assist my clients in bringing to the surface the details of their grandest vision for their life, whether it be in a life transition or re-defining purpose.  I also help them invigorate and enhance the quality of life as it is RIGHT NOW.  Most often that means pinpointing their little delights in life – their gifts, talents, and what IS working … and how everything as a whole has tremendous power to create the life they truly desire.

000 - Isn't safety just an illusionMy biggest passion in life coaching, however, is to inspire others to be their own Life Coach.  That is my core purpose.  Will people still WANT me as their Life Coach, regardless?  Maybe so … and that’s more than fine with me!  But what I aim to instil in every person who engages in a coaching relationship with me is the confidence that they can make life work for themselves!  For some this is a longer process than it is for others, and that’s ok (remember, I’d rather have clients than no clients!)  🙂  But for the sake of sharing my deepest, most profound belief in the soul of humanity, here is how and why I know you can be your own Life Coach:

1)  You know yourself better than anybody.  A coach will just help you express who you are!

2)  Using tools and techniques (positive journaling is one of my personal favorites) you can tap into unlimited wisdom all on your own.  A coach will trigger you to begin.

3)  You, above anyone, are interested in your personal success and happiness.  Your coach is your sounding board and feedback forum in the process.

4)  There is no critic in this world who holds the power to convince you that your dream is impractical, impossible, or just plain foolish, unless YOU grant them that permission.  A coach will simply remind you of that.

5)  You have your own answers inside of you.  A coach will help you bring them out.

So do you NEED a Life Coach? 00000 - The best life coaches

Your Life Coach is your enthusiastic partner in success, but the journey is YOURS.  A Life Coach will celebrate your victories with you and help you navigate while you are learning how to sail your own boat.

While a Life Coach can champion you, inspire you, and ask you powerful, meaningful questions that trigger insight, you are really equipped to do it all yourself!

And that is my purpose as a Life Coach … to show you just how magnificently, creatively, and uniquely equipped you are!

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