If I Could do Anything …

Sunday, March 18, 2012

“If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much.” – Tom Krause

If you could do anything, what would you do?

Would you do what you are currently afraid to do?

Would you do what you thought you couldn’t do?

If I could do anything, I would hop on an airplane and visit my mother, and give her the ability to walk again.  I would restore her youth and take away her aches and pains.  I would give her back her crisp, clear memory and enable her to finish writing her book.

If I could do anything, I would surely do the impossible

I would fly to underprivileged countries and feed the poor.  I would stop wars and put an end to greed.  I would open people’s eyes to their greatest potential, and let them know they are lovely and loved.  I would heal broken hearts, save suffering children and rescue abused animals.  I would do away with people’s egos and replace them with real confidence, inner joy, and a spirit of humanitarianism.  I would make this world a very safe, sustainable, and happy place for all.

Some things are impossible … at least for one person alone.  Some desires are impractical, and some wishes are just that … wishes.

But what would you and I do if we knew we could do what we currently think we cannot do?

What I mean is this:  There are undoubtedly some things that we really CAN do that we simply do not believe we can do.

Recently I’ve watched downhill ice skating on TV.  Downhill ice skating!  And not only that, but the participants were racing!

I remember my first experience of putting on a pair of ice skates.  I was very young, and the skates were a hand-me-down from my older brother.  They were two shades of brown, and very boyish-looking, but I was so proud to be going skating with my older siblings that I didn’t care.  I put the skates on and tried to stand up … when I instantly realized that this skating thing took skill!  I fell down more than I stayed up, and soon I began to believe that maybe I simply didn’t have the ability to stand up on skates like everybody else.  I was simply too little and too clumsy, and while the bigger kids skated around me, I became convinced that I lacked something that they had.  It took a long time, therefore, for me to learn to skate because I held a mental block between myself and the sport that looked so easy on other people!

When my son was five years old, I taught him to skate.  I helped him up, steadied him on his feet, took his hand, and together we made baby steps … then bigger glides … and before long he knew how to skate … and he loved it!  What was a painful experience for me as a child was a thrill for him.  The difference was in the circumstances that surrounded the learning.

Learning to skate is analogous to life.  Belief in oneself, finding the right motivation, the proper training, and the right learning space is sometimes all that is required to do that which we desire to do; to be that which we desire to be; to experience that which we desire to experience.  The thing we think is too big, too much, or out of our league is most likely doable, reachable, and attainable.

So I ask again … if you could do anything, what would you do?

Now ask yourself, “Can I do it?”

Maybe you can.

Until we meet again, seek to be inspired in All Ways!


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