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Friday, December 16, 2011 

“To dream anything that you want to dream.  That is the beauty of the human mind.  To do anything that you want to do.  That is the strength of the human will.  To trust yourself to test your limits.  That is the courage to succeed.”  – Bernard Edmonds

Repetition taught my fingers where to move over they keyboard.  Daily drills:  aaaa bbbb cccc dddd …. until it became so embedded in the software of my mind that my subconscious literally screamed, “I get it!”   Hence, as I type here my fingers do not stop to find the letters  “t-y-p-e,”  they just move over the keys beyond the control or decision-making of my conscious mind.

Practice brings aspirations to a real and concrete outcome – a goal achieved.

How badly do I want to practice the drills that will train my subconscious in other desired outcomes?  Is that all it takes to lose weight, quite smoking, stop procrastinating, or get some other negative behaviour turned around?  Is it simply practice?

Yes, and no.

There are four components for change that come before practice, and then it is ALL about practice.

Real change takes: 1) desire for the change; 2) vision for the goal; 3) know-how in order to formulate a plan of action, and 4)determination to stick to the plan (and this determination will always stem from the first two). 

Plans of action are carried out by practice, and practice works … right?

Wait a minute.

What happens when the root of the problem raises its ugly head again … and the original reason for the negative behaviour is so overpowering that every fiber of our being just wants to automatically succumb?

What do we do when we want to throw practice out the window?

Well … we practice!  Yes, that’s right. 

But, we do a little different practice dance. 

We turn to the reason for desiring the change.  We see the desired outcome in our mind’s eye, feel it in our heart, imagine how positively different life would be, and fully re-claim the zest for the goal.   We get immensely excited all over again!  We begin to think that it is New Year’s Day again, and our passion pumps faster once more.

You see, this is one of the practice drills involved in the action plan, but one that never feels like a drill at all!  This is one that makes us come alive again.  It is the prozac for the journey’s tribulation, the fire from within that we can ignite again and again.

As a matter of fact, the drill of returning to your passion for the goal is perhaps the most important practice of all!  Why?  Because when we are happy at heart we can do anything!  We are unstoppable!  All the other practice drills are more welcomed then, and life flows more naturally … as it was designed to.

Practice is not all about refusing junk food, fighting cigarette cravings, or making yet another effort to stay on task with some other behaviour change.  Practice is also about repeating the positives, the happiness, the passion!

So, as I set out in the coming new year to achieve, change, grow, and expand my horizons,  I commit to the practice of returning again and again to my happy place where my goals are realized in my mind’s eye.  I embrace and commit to igniting the fire of passion over and over and over.

Will you join me?

Will you welcome positive, happy practice towards overcoming something negative or achieving something you’ve always wanted to achieve?  Will you take a bold, light-hearted step in losing weight, quitting smoking, writing that book, taking that class, paying off debt, beating procrastination, keeping your house in order, saving for that vacation, or cultivating a more positive attitude?

Welcome to the powerful art and heart of practice!   Here’s to happiness!

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