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Monday, December 26, 2011

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.”   – Maya Angelou

How often we struggle to say something, to sound good, to impress someone, to feel significant.  Blog writers know all about this.  Blog writers can get caught up in the need to have something cool, intelligent, funny, or profound to share with the world.

How silly, really.  And I often wonder how much of our desire to sound great comes through in our writing, and how much of our true heart and inspiration shines instead.

I mean, is anyone interested in our egos besides us?  Does anyone care what we know, or do they long to know we care?  Yes, that’s from an old quote (and I’m not even sure who said it first) about how we humans need each other.  We don’t long to soak up someone’s words of intellect, but to bask in their light.

So in blog writing, I pray that I never come across as simply thinking I have something to say, but in knowing that I have a song in my heart that can make someone else sing if I share it.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.

This past year taught me much about people, relationships, and myself.  Through running a women’s group, I learned that people flock to places where their soul can find refreshment, inspiration, and motivation to move ahead in life with more ease, more confidence, and more joy;  an opportunity for them to give something back of themselves.

I learned that my style of leadership can only come from within me, and that everytime I allow ego to enter the picture, I am not being a true inspiration.  I can share what I have learned, what I know, what I percieve to be powerful and positive answers to life’s discouragements, but what really lights a spark in someone’s heart is inspiration.  If I myself am uninspireed, I cannot effectively inspire someone else.

I have a song in my heart and a burning desire to inspire, and this coming year I choose to allow myself to hear that song more clearly before I go out to inspire others.  I choose to slow down and inspire myself first.  I choose to fill up my own cup of nourishment, lest I have very little to share with others.  I choose to let go of ego and the need to flourish in a business, and I embrace the song within me for the purpose of growing a true inspirational organization.

This year, I am doing something different for my group, “Women’s Circle – Seek to Soar!”  I choose to have monthly coffee meetings in which we casually gather to be inspired, to share, to nurture, and to grow.  I have many great books lined up to be read, and many hours of exercise and journalling to drench myself in.  I am taking it very easy this year, and I plan to be more effective, from the inside out.

I invite all ladies to join me on this journey, as “Women’s Circle – Seek to Soar!” takes a new turn for the benefit of soul work and growth from the inside out.  I invite you to be inspiration with me.  I will post coffee meetings on my website over the next few days.  Meanwhile, you are welcome to email me at for more information.


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