Christmas Preparations

Friday, December 2, 2011

“Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”   – Anonymous

As we deck the halls, the staircases, tree, windows, and eaves … we merrily proclaim joy to the world.

The garland is happily strung about as the creative child in us is unleashed.   Christmas music fills the air as we wrap presents and lick cookie dough from the sides of the mixing bowl.   The gingerbread house stands delightfully peppered with colored gumdrops and dripping white icing, just like the ones in coloring books where reindeer wait outside to be tackled and hitched for a long and magical journey.

We have put cares aside where we have tossed bitterness, envy, and anger, because the fire in our hearts is rekindled with a deeper sense of humanity at Christmas time.  The resolution to keep this love going throughout the New Year hangs in the air, like the anticipation of unwrapped presents on Christmas Day.

Frosty patterns cover the windowpanes, and if we look closely we might see a whole forest mysteriously etched in the frost!  Jingly bells on red bows grace the tall, elegant tree in our livingroom.  Fresh snow crunches under foot, and breaths hang in the air like smoke, as rosy faces hurry towards home.  

As we shop, bake, eat, share, and reminisce, let us allow the celebrations to expand beyond our own front doors.

Let us reach out to others in the spirit of goodness and compassison.  Not everyone will be having a Merry Chritmas this year, so let’s remember that little deeds done from the heart might mean the world to somone.

– Buy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate for a stranger

– Give home-made Christmas cards

– Donate groceries to a food bank

– Volunteer at a shelter for homeless people or animals

– Knit mittens or scarves for shelters

– Foster a homeless animal for the holidays

– Make amends with someone

– Shovel someone’s driveway

– Send a personal Christmas email to someone who least expects it

– Gather some friends and go caroling throughout a shopping mall … or put a smile on your neighbours’ faces by going door to door!

– Bake a fresh batch of cookies for someone who could really use some cheering up!

– Leave anonymous presents on the doorstep of someone less fortunate.



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