Shine! – A Tribute to Buddy

Friday, November 25, 2011

People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

When your story is told and there are no more moments for you to seize, no more chances to say I’m sorry, and no time left to think, speak, dream or achieve.  What will be the memories of YOU?

This past week as I grieved the loss of our precious cat, Buddy, I listed out all the memories we are left with.  All the things that we will no longer experience with him.  The list was long.  Buddy passed away suddenly last Friday night, laying on our bed.   We were watching a movie down in the livingroom, fully unaware of what was happening upstairs.  We found him at bedtime. 

Shock and disbelief.  Buddy was healthy and happy .. wasn’t he?

But life is unpredictable.  Bittersweet.  Short.

The more I reminisce about Buddy’s magnificent little character, the more clearly I see that each living thing has a purpose for being here and a capacity to shine.  Buddy was certainly no exception.

He had an incredible ability to relax and illuminate our lives by simply being, and he seemed to delight himself with his favorite poses.  One was to lay on a chair with his two front legs dangling over the edge, motionless, and with a zen-like gaze.  His white paws against the rest of his grey fur looked like socks … one pulled up to his knee and the other one down around his foot.

Buddy had a variety of favorite spots to lay and observe life around him:  the bed in the guest room, his little bed on the stairs landing, the top of the corner cabinet, the footstool in front of a little window in the kitchen, his blue carpeted cat treehouse, and Daddy’s lap whenever he was sitting in the Lazy-boy chair.

At night time when we were gone to bed, Buddy would stay downstairs and meow … a long, throaty sound to ensure that we would hear his cries telling us, “Hey!  I’m all alone down here!”  We would call out to him, “Buddeee … come on, Buddy …  come to bed.”  Seconds later he would walk through his personal “doorway” (a hole in our bedroom door that we designed just for him) and hop up onto the foot of our bed … included at last.  He played this game almost every night.

Buddy’s play involved ambushing us then runing away, instigating a chase.  Or, he wanted us to peep at him from around a wall and then hide so he could sneak up on us, pounce, and run.

He kept his long white shawl sparkly clean. 

He met us at the door whenever we came home. 

He said goodbye to us from his little kitchen window whenever we were leaving. 

He jumped up onto our computer desks for head rubs, and he especially loved Daddy’s beard for that purpose. 

He often laid, belly-up, and welcomed rubs to his massive white tummy, all the while pretending to not even notice the attention.

Buddy kept us amused, bedazzled, and laughing hard.  He knew how to shine!

And so I ask …

What will be the memories of you … of me

This moment is yours and mine to create a lasting impact for long after we leave.  What will it be?


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