Appreciation versus Indifference

Friday, November 18, 2011 

Few things are more freeing to the human soul than the act of uplifting another.  To give praise for a job well done, or simply let someone know we appreciate them.   Something changes in us when we boldly and willingly open our hearts to another.  When we are loving we are open to receive an abundance of love in return.  We feel blissed

Love doesn’t require that we share the same interest or passions, but to acknowledge and celebrate with our fellow souls.  To rejoice in their successes, their achievements, and their unique gifts.

Why do so many of us refrain from this?  Why do we sometimes hold back and develop an attitude of indifference?  And what is the root of that indifference? 

I bet if we were to search our hearts we would find that indifference has an egoic root called fear.  Fear of making another greater in some way than ourselves.   Fear that our appreciation will not be reciprocated.

Ironically, when we hold back we actually hold back our own liberty.  When we close the door to our hearts we shut out love. 

But love is where we came from, and since love is what we long to experience again and again, we must realize that love cannot be experienced without giving it away.  The longer we hold back from giving love, the longer we wait for it.

Bliss Carman said it best:  “Indifference may not wreck a man’s life at any one turn, but it will destroy him with a kind of dry-rot in the long run.” 

Be careful not to wait too long.

If encouragement is not one of your gifts, it is a virtue worth acquiring.  Don’t wait for someone else to begin.  Be first.  Practice the simple act of praise and encouragment to someone today.  Open the floodgates of love and see how it forms a circle … from you,  all the way back to you.


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