A Perfect Life

Friday, November 11, 2011

“Live life fully while you’re here.  Experience everything.  Take care of yourself and your friends.  Have fun, be crazy, be weird.  Go out and screw up!  You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process.  Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes; find the cause of your problem and eliminate it.  Don’t try to be perfect, just be an excellent example of being human.”   – Anthony Robbins

The longer I live the more in love with life I become, because I understand more and more that life is not supposed to be perfect.  And, if life is not meant to be perfect then I need not strive to live up to man-made ideals of perfection either.  I need only one expectation of myself:  that I will rise up to meet whatever shows up. 

Life is not about being perfect, but about working, playing and loving with all your might.  It is about being present.  It is about cultivating peace with the past.  It is about positively impacting the world around you TODAY, starting with yourself.  If you can truly love and bless yourself from the inside out you can truly love and bless others.

Nobody is perfect according to man’s conceptual ideology (ego-based perfection).  Yet, in essence, everyone is perfect as a unique soul, born with unique gifts and purpose.  

Can we embrace the perfection that is already within us?

Can we live one day without comparing our lives to that of others?  Can we do this for a week?  A year?  In Desiderata, the age-old poem of wisdom, the author says, “If you compare yourself to others you will become bitter or vain.”  Both are twisted concepts of reality.  How can a hand compare itself to a foot?  Or a finger compare itself to a thumb?  Yet they are both a significant part of the whole.

Lift your head up, and give life your best posture today.  Do not waste time worrying about perfection.  Go out and live your own that is already within you! 

You gorgeous creature, you!


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Until we meet again, seek to be All Ways Inspired!

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