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Friday, October 21, 2011

We hear so much these days about a global “shift” in conscious awareness.  I wish someone had started this “shift” back when I was thirteen years old; back when my ideals were already grounded in a fire for world cheap NBA jerseys peace (starting with personal inner peace) and raising the bar on one’s own authentic alignment with purpose.

“Someday” I would change the world with my ideals, and people would finally “see” that success and happiness is not an outward thing; it is not based on money or prestige;  it is not about being right;  not about competition;  and certainly not about material stuff at all.

“Someday” I would see a world where people connected with each other based on what they saw in that person’s heart and soul.  Judgements, pride, and manipulation would not exist;  real friendships would.  People would marry for love and love who they marry.  Children would not have to be herded into a classroom and told to fit in simply because they are of the same age, but instead would be valued, taught, and guided based on their gifts and unique purpose. 

Those were my ideals as a very young teenager, but the general consensus was that one must fit in 住まいの情報誌県中版4/2 with the crowd.  And that was that.

I believe the world is finally waking up.

Let us be mindful, a however, to not let this idea of a “shift” in conscious awareness become just a trendy, hip, social status marker.   Forget about cool chit-chat about the books you’ve read or the lectures you’ve attended, unless you yourself are putting it wholesale jerseys to purposeful use.  Let us truly de LIVE consciously aware, and not just talk about it and use all the right terms associated with it.  For instance, don’t Design talk of “authenticity” unless you yourself are intending to live it daily.   

I ask that we embrace our own personal shift first, instead of just getting lost in all the talk about what is happening on a global scale. 

Let us be that change we wish to see in the world, as Ghandi so wisely asked cheap NBA jerseys of us, instead of simply wearing it on t-shirts and tote bags.  Stop quoting the gurus if you have not let the wisdom of what they say cheap nfl jerseys sink into your being; or better still, stop living on the quotes of others and go inside to find your own.  The wisdom of healers, sages, and great authors came Bilder TO and THROUGH them to us.  That same wisdom can come to and through YOU.

Go forth, and blaze a trail as only YOU can.  Then and only then can we see a true global shift in conscious awareness.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Shift Together

  1. Very good. Leadership is not barking commands. It’s setting the example that others follow! You make it clear that if we want to make the world a better place, we have to make our influence a better place.

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